Enterprise Intelligence Bot (EI Bot)

The Enterprise Intelligence Bot (EI Bot) is a deep-learning-based, enterprise-grade chatbot that can serve as an enterprise information center, providing 24/7 Q&A services for both internal and external purposes (such as assisting in sales and customer service). Connected to other services by D8AI or third parties, the EI Bot can be further utilized for guiding workflows, collecting, and analyzing conversational and other forms of data, which can be used in making business discoveries and predictions, eventually resulting in enterprise intelligence.

The EI Bot is a cloud-based subscription service, with a monthly fee (including initial chatbot training and deployment costs amortized over the first 12 months) lower than the average basic salary. Its built-in chatbot management software includes chatbot model training, testing, and feedback. The user interface is designed such that a single enterprise administrator (no technical background required) can easily manage and maintain the EI Bot.

EI Bot Standard Edition

  • Enterprise web chatbot: includes messaging channel, custom chatbot name and icon.
  • Dialog analytics: includes human-bot Q&A editor and manager, dialog log and analysis, chatbot model training, testing and feedback, and exportable reports.

Multi-round & Multilayer Q&A Editor (option)

Human-Bot Collaboration (option)

  • AI customer service: including human-bot messaging platform, customer-service AI assistant, case management, and exportable reports.

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