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Why AI-in-Box™



ISSUES with Enterprise Generative AI:

    • content must be enterprise-specific
    • hard to handle complex workflows
    • needs for a secure, easy to deploy environment



    • customizable, extendable AI solutions packed in a private-cloud server
    • pre-trained LLMs included
    • enterprise-specific RAG chatbot & Chatbot Builder included
    • no-code workflow builder included





About D8AI

  • Vision: Make AI useful and affordable

  • Mission: To efficiently provide businesses with custom AI solutions

D8AI Inc. is an AI service provider. Our products and services include enterprise-grade chatbots, virtual assistants, AI customer service, natural-language analytics, business data prediction, precision marketing, and AI document recognition, with applications in government services, finance & insurance, healthcare, retail, tech, manufacturing, etc.
Founded in 2017, the D8AI team comprises seasoned scientists and engineers with backgrounds in data science, information technology, and other STEM disciplines, holding doctoral and master’s degrees from various top universities such as UC Berkeley. Our team has an average work experience of over 10 years, with expertise covering natural-language processing, computer vision, predictive analytics, and full-stack software development and deployment.

Awards & Certifications





Doctor-Patient Shared Decision-Making

(Joint Commission of Taiwan)
  • Practice Excellence Award:Shared Decision-Making Bot (SDM Bot)


AIGO Competition

(Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs)
  • Merit Award:Health Education AI Assistant
  • Honorable Mention:Chatbot for New Parents


Smart City:AI 50



Intel AI Builders:Enterprise Intelligence Bot



Certified AI Service Organization

(Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs)
  • Business & Productivity (Virtual Assistant, AI Customer Service)
  • AI Core Technology Capability


Smart City Innovative Application Award

Virtual Assistant for Emergency Dispatchers



TCloud Marketplace

  • Enterprise Intelligence Bot (EI Bot)
  • AI Customer Service for Enterprises


Data Station’s Data Competition 

(Ministry of Digital Affairs & Ministry of Economic Affairs)
  • Third Place: Prediction of merchandize purchases


International Innovation Awards (Enterprise Asia)

  • D8AI Bot as a Service: Enterprise Intelligence Bot

About D8 AI-Service Cloud

D8 AI-Service Cloud is a highly automated, deep-learning-based, AI service platform developed by D8AI Inc. This platform allows us to efficiently produce AI solutions tailor-made for enterprises or organizations. Its user-friendly interface allows enterprise users, even without a tech background, to modify and train their AI models continuously.

Currently the D8 AI-Service Cloud provides the following service modules:

(1) enterprise chatbot: including live-chat bot, telephone bot, dialog analytics, AI customer service and quality assurance.
(2) virtual assistant: including enterprise virtual assistants, workflow automation.
(3) business analytics: including natural-language analytics, business forecast, precision marketing.
(4) digitalization: including AI-enabled document search and text recognition.

D8AI Bot as a Service

Tailor-made with D8 AI-Service Cloud that includes:

  • An enterprise-grade website chatbot with 24/7, immediate, and accurate responses.
  • AI-enabled sales and customer service with human-bot collaboration.
  • Quick chatbot deployment for practical uses.
  • Easy user interface for dialog analytics & chatbot management.
  • Affordable monthly subscription.









AI Assistant



D8AI Blog

Generative AI for Enterprises

At the end of 2022, OpenAI launched the ChatGPT chatbot, pushing the capabilities of natural language processing to unprecedented levels. Such text-generating technology, joined by other AI technologies for generating speech, images, or animations, has paved the way to a new era of generative AI. More than ever, AI has proliferated into our work and daily life. For an enterprise, AI adoption is no longer a unique competitive advantage, but a necessity for the enterprise’s survival and growth.
The underlying algorithms of ChatGPT are GPT-3.5 and GPT-4, collectively known as large language models. In just one year in 2023, several technology companies successively introduced their own large language models – notably Meta’s Llama 2, the startup Mistral’s Mixtral 8×7, and Google’s Gemini. Among these, Llama 2 and Mixtral 8×7 are open-source models, allowing AI developers to download, fine-tune, and integrate them into various software applications. Open-source models can be deployed in the cloud or on premises, meeting the needs of enterprises for data security, customization flexibility, and computational cost management.

D8AI Wins International Innovation Award

December 19, 2022 / Reporter: Kaizhong Wu, Taipei


On December 16th, at the 2022 International Innovation Awards ceremony held at the Renaissance Bangkok Ratchaprasong Hotel, D8AI won the Innovation Award in the “Service and Solution” category for this year. D8AI, founded over five years ago, is an artificial intelligence technology service company and one of Taiwan’s leading brands in the field of AI natural language processing.

Becoming an AI-empowered Enterprise

In 2016, the world was shocked by the news that AlphaGo, an AI-powered Go-playing software, defeated the then professional world champion of Go. Due to the complexity of this strategic board game originated in ancient China, such a result was beyond the wildest dream even for the field of artificial intelligence, let alone for the global community of Go players. This monumental event has been marked as the beginning of an AI era. In the annual World Economic Forum of the same year, the forum’s founder and executive chairman, Klaus Schwab, asserted that the fourth industrial revolution in human history had already begun unfolding. The highly respected German economist’s points were further explained in his book: The Fourth Industrial Revolution, published in 2017. Here, we summarize his assertion in a simplified fashion with the following table (see full text).
The transformation occurring in the present industrial revolution is widespread, fast, as well as complex. Its impacts will be felt by many industries and by majority of global population in their works and lives. It will disrupt the conventional rules of competition: “In the new world it is not the big fish which eats the small fish, it is the fast fish which eats the slow fish”, said Schwab. To understand what it means, we only need to look at the global influences imparted by the following disruptors: Amazon (1994), Netflix (1997), Alphabet (Google 1998), Tesla (2003), Meta (Facebook 2004), Airbnb (2008), Uber (2009), Moderna (2010), and ByteDance (TikTok 2016), all of which have been operating for less than twenty or thirty years.

Enterprise Chatbots and Virtual Assistants

In 2011, Apple introduced Siri, a personal virtual assistant, on its smartphones. This was the world’s first AI-enabled chatbot incorporated into a mass-produced merchandise. In 2014, Microsoft introduced its version of a virtual assistant, Cortana. The same year, Amazon launched Alexa (Echo smart speaker) that has since enjoyed significant commercial success. Then in 2016, Google launched its Google Assistant. Today, AI chatbots and virtual assistants are everywhere – accessible via mobile apps and websites, over phone lines, and on smart speakers and physical robots. In coming years, broader and deeper applications using chatbots or virtual assistants can be anticipated. In other words, the era of “conversational AI” has already begun.

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